Publish your API in 5 minutes, no coding required

Save time with the tool used by the world's laziest web developers to create your GraphQL API without writing a single line of code.

No credit card required

Most frontend developers depend on an expert programmer to develop an API or a Content Management System for their website. Others can do so without writing a single line of code and even have time to go workout. How do they do it?

If you are one of those people who think that using WordPress is the best solution to develop a website and you spend your time updating plugins and customizing templates... this is not for you. Don't read any further.

But if you are a frontend developer using modern web development tools and you know what Jamstack means and enjoy using GraphQL but you don't like anything about the backend world, servers and infrastructure... keep reading.

This tool will help you become a web developer capable of tackling very complex tasks that you thought you were not able to solve before. Without learning anything new and saving a lot of time.

Frontend developers are responsible for many important tasks. You have to juggle with the design, user experience, performance optimization, interactions, animations and even the responsiveness of your web application.

You could say that you need to execute almost the entire development work of a web project.

Except for the backend.

The Backend is everything that those of us who work in the Frontend do not know how to do.

Have you ever searched YouTube or Stack Overflow for a tutorial on how to create your own API? Have you ever felt your head spinning with everything you need to learn about programming? What about scaling infrastructure? What about security issues? Can someone explain to me what this DevOps thing means?

You will need two lifetimes to learn everything you need to know.

If you are a good web developer, you will spend most of your day working on your customers' projects. Most likely, you’ll have very little time left that you can devote to learning everything you need to program a backend.

The backend is the kryptonite of every frontend developer. It is the biggest obstacle that we all face before we become fully autonomous, agile and productive web developers.

In our team, we like to work less and earn more money. That's why we spend most of our time automating the most complex tasks.

A year ago, we started working on the design of a new tool to make it very easy to create the necessary backend development pieces for the content management of our customers’ projects.

We have created an engine to quickly and easily generate an API with a configurable GraphQL schema and, on top of this, we have integrated a content management system (headless CMS).

Now, any of my teammates, even the least experienced, can prototype, test and deploy a GraphQL API without learning to program or write a single line of code. Just spend a few minutes defining the data model and you're done!

Our GraphQL server makes everything much easier. You don't have to start from scratch to define your model. We have already predefined the most important aspects such as the data types, queries and the filters you can apply.

We think we have designed the perfect solution for the world's laziest web developers. We like to do less work, make more money and have more time. Even to go workout.

Although this tool was designed for internal use only, we have recently made the decision to share it with the community. We are sure that it will help other web developers who share our same problems and frustrations.

We invite you to try our service for free and to collaborate in our Roadmap on which we are working to define the future functionalities to be developed.

Juan Miguel Guerrero (Product Leader)
Juan Miguel Guerrero (Product Leader)
I’ve helped hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs
designing and developing their websites since 2000.

Prototype, test and publish your API with no code

Design your data model without writing code from a catalog of predefined types. Share an access token and implement your API without worrying about the infrastructure.

Take advantage of the benefits of using GraphQL

Enjoy using a modern and easy to learn query language. No complications. We have already prepared the queries and mutations you’ll need.

Update your content with the included headless CMS

Manage your content online. Offer your clients the option to update their content using our headless CMS. We take care of optimizing your images and resources.

From idea to production in minutes, not days

Define your data model quickly and with flexibility. You won't be starting from scratch. Based on our experience we have already pre-designed the most common data types and queries for you. And we are preparing many more…

  • Prototype and publish your API quickly
  • Predefined data types and queries

Designed to work on Jamstack

We bet on modern web development. Our goal is to add all our experience to develop a content management system optimized for Jamstack.

  • Designed for Jamstack ecosystem
  • Automate workflows through webhooks

Our CDN makes your content fly

Thanks to Cloudflare's technology we have designed an intelligent cache system that distributes your content at the speed of light. We have a network of 200 data centers in more than 90 countries.

  • Serve your images from our CDN
  • Intelligent cache control system included

6 Reasons why you should start using Apirocket right now:

Create your queries even if you don't know GraphQL

Thanks to the "API Explorer" functionality you will be able to generate and test your queries in real-time even if you don't know GraphQL. Once you have defined your query you only have to copy and paste it.

Multilingual Support

Manage multiple versions of your content in different languages. Configure the languages you need and start translating your website or app. Choose the type of content that should be translated. Prepare your content to be catered to the world.

We store your resources and optimize your images

We take care of managing the documents and optimizing your images. Thanks to imgix technology we can adjust, resize, rotate, crop and even optimize your images on-demand using simple URL parameters. You will save your users loading time and bandwidth consumption.

Automate your workflow thanks to webhooks

Connect and synchronize your API with other applications or third-party services. Automate a Netlify deployment when creating or editing content. Integrate your API with more than 2000 applications and create your own workflows using Zapier or Integromat. Atomization has no limits thanks to webhooks.

An open roadmap to the community

We are a small agency. We do not depend on any investor to tell us what to do. That's why we decided to open our roadmap to the community and have the opportunity to adapt to the developers' real needs and not to a business plan.

Choose your favorite framework

Feel free to choose the language and website builder that you like most: 11ty, Vue, Gatsby, React, Nuxt, Angular, Next... you can use whatever you think is best for your project and skills. Our solution is framework agnostic.

Start creating your GraphQL API, without having to learn how to program a backend

Get your idea into production in minutes: Prototype, test, publish and scale your own GraphQL API.


Ideal for personal projects, such as prototypes, proof of concepts, MVPs and small commercial projects.

  • Up to 3 projects
  • 5 collections per project
  • 200 documents per collection
  • 2 locales
  • 1 user per project

Shared usage quota:

  • 100k API calls / month
  • 10GB bandwidth / month
  • 100MB file storage
  • Soft limits (more details)

Forever Free Plan

No credit card required


Business-focused projects, such as complex commercial websites or apps with high volume of traffic.

Price $99 / month
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited collections
  • 5k documents per collection
  • 6 locales
  • 3 users per project

Shared usage quota:

  • 1M API calls / month
  • 100GB bandwidth / month
  • 500MB file storage
  • Soft limits (see pricing)



Complex projects that require high availability, very low latency and needs of large scale infrastructure.

Start at $699 / month
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited collections
  • Unlimited documents
  • Unlimited locales
  • Unlimited users

Shared usage quota:

  • Unlimited API calls
  • From 3TB bandwidth / month
  • From 100GB file storage
  • Custom Price